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Everton, Leicester City shouldn't appoint Ryan Giggs

Tuesday 24th October 2017
Leicester City and Everton are said to be interested in Ryan Giggs for their managerial vacancies. In both cases, it would be going from bad to worse.

While this sounds like a great move for either club, with both struggling in the Premier League, the managerial merry-go-round has ignored Giggs since his brief stint as Manchester United manager. There must be a reason, and, wouldn't you know, I think I have it.

Giggs has never struck anyone as a leader on or off the pitch. He is generally remembered as a superb athlete and exceptionally talented footballer. Gary Neville. Rio Ferdinand. Roy Keane. Eric Cantona. They were United's driving forces during Giggsy's playing heyday. Most sides expect a manager to lead from the touchline. Chairmen would be turned off by a candidate who lacked the ability as a player.
Modern bosses possess strong leadership qualities. Antonio Conte, Laurent Blanc and Jose Mourinho are either fully respected by their players or utterly despised. Diego Costa, Serge Aurier, and Iker Casillas can each attest to that. Either way, though, the effect is the consequence of strong leadership.

Despite struggling, even Slaven Bilic is an exceptional leader who can inspire his players in times of crisis. Don't be surprised to see him turn things around for West Ham if Gold and Sullivan don't decide to make him the next domino to fall.

Giggs helps himself even less by being a painfully dull interview. A manager is his team's face and football is meant to entertain. The highly rated 'Class of 92' documentary focuses heavily on Giggs' development, yet it's no surprise the producers opted for others who gushed over the Welshman rather than spending extended periods with the man himself. Insomnia clinics would pay dearly for that footage.

Everton should be looking for stability. The club has gone with a young British manager in the past. David Moyes was willing to stare down all comers in those days, however. Giggs is more reminiscent of the conciliatory Scot who arrived at Old Trafford.
For its part, Leicester City must be ruing the day they relieved Claudio Ranieri of his duties. The Italian was a veteran who could have more than matched Craig Shakespeare given the chance. His work at Nantes this season proves it. Patience ran out far too quickly at the King Power.

Zinedine Zidane being the exception to the rule, great players don't make great managers. Ask Alan Shearer his thoughts on management. He'll be happy to explain why Giggsy is struggling for a job.

Giggs would only offer a stop gap until a more experienced manager is lulled into believing they could truly change the either team's fortunes. Perhaps he could offer links to Manchester United's loan system or even tap up Sir Alex for advice now. That's about it. The wise decision for both sides is to steer clear.
Kristian Webb
A Manchester United fan who actually knows where Manchester is; I'm the chief writer for AccumulatorTips, ForzaSwansea and a contributor to WhatCulture's video game section. I'm a professional proofreader, content author and SEO Expert but that doesn't mean there won't be the odd grammatical error!

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