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Jose Mourinho proving why he lost the Chelsea dressing room

Tuesday 14th February 2017
There was a lot of talk last season about how former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho lost the support, trust and respect of many of his important players amongst the Chelsea faithful, even though this was often dismissed by players, supporters and pundits alike.

However, as days go on this season I am starting to see why this statement may have some elements of truth about it. Mourinho has always been the type of Manager to take shots at other coaches and clubs in the press and this season he has continuously made comments about his former club - perhaps seeming very bitter and jealous about the whole situation.

Last season Chelsea really fell off the rails after winning the title the season before and for me this all started on the first game of the season when Eden Hazard went down injured, the Chelsea physio team entered the pitch to treat him and then endured a tirade of anger directed at them from Mourinho for stepping on the field of play, suggesting that Hazard was not actually injured at all.
Now without going into names and details of that event (It's been more than talked about enough), I feel this was the start of a spiral of events that happened at Chelsea, that saw player after player lose confidence in their manager as well as their respect.

Mourinho has always been one to vent his anger, but this season seemed different, he appeared to be really losing the plot. Directing blame at officials and other teams rather than taking responsibility himself, whilst always attracting drama and controversy.

I believe that how the drama would stick to him like chewing gum under a school table, was the reason that he lost many of the Chelsea players confidence. It was clear that many of these players did not like the controversy that he brought to the club, making them the most hated bunch of players in the League, possessing the most hated manager.

I like many other supporters, attempted to sweep this under the rug at the time, there was no way that the players would start playing badly because they did not like the manager. But looking back at it now, I truly believe this is what happened. After all, pretty much the same bunch of players are now sitting 8 points clear at the top of the Premier League under manager Antonio Conte.
So with his latest outbursts and controversial comments directed at a number of other clubs as well as Chelsea, I can really see why players would become annoyed and fed up with this. Drama only brings negativity and hatred.

My advice to Mourinho, be more like Conte. This man oozes class and is forever avoiding being involved in silly arguments, never makes digs at other managers/clubs, will always fully respect his opponents and steers clear of controversy and mocking referee's etc.

I fear that Mourinho has been a man that is getting more and more stressed over the years, slowly losing the plot, thus becoming more controversial and angrier by the day. How long will it be before he loses the Manchester United dressing room?
Simon Phillips
Football Writer for the last 7 years, specialising in the English Premier League and covering a wide range of topics.

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