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Michy Batshuayi has come on as a sub for Chelsea 8 times after the 85th minute!

Monday 20th February 2017
What on earth is going on at Chelsea with young Belgian Striker Michy Batshuayi? He was signed by The Blues for well over £30 million which is definitely nothing to be sniffed at, he had a goal scoring record of a goal every other game in France, and he is rated by many in World football as one of the hottest young strikers in the game.

He turned down interest from West Ham, Crystal Palace and Italian giants Juventus in order to join Chelsea. He was the first singing under Conte's reign, although many state that it wasn't Conte's idea to sign him.

So, why on earth then, since joining Chelsea, has he made 12 Substitute appearances all after the 70th minute, 10 of those after the 80th minute and 8 of them after the 85th minute? It's really quite astonishing. How can any player make an impact or show what he can do in that amount of time? Some games he's not even touched the ball and had to walk straight back off again. How disheartening must that be for a 23-year old player?

The clear explanation here is that his Manager Antonio Conte does not rate him, from what he has seen in training and the odd Cup game that he has started. But then the argument here is, surely only competitive matches can prove if a player is good enough to make the grade?

Batshuayi was not Conte's signing that is clear, and the price tag would suggest that in the usual recent fashion of Chelsea's transfer business, he was a bit of a panic buy. But surely he is good enough to warrant more game time? To me, it seems insulting to give him a matter of seconds on a regular basis. He is a Belgium International who clearly has an eye for goal, this season will only be damaging his potential and his confidence.

Conte is a great Manager, and I am not a Manager at all of course, so as a Chelsea fan I totally put my trust in him and what he is doing at the Club. After all, he's completely turned this team around and is pretty much working miracles with the players he has there, the underperforming team that he inherited from Jose Mourinho last year. But for me, I need to see Batshuayi play some more, otherwise, we'll never know if he could have been good enough for Chelsea.

Everything about the youngster oozes entertainment, he is already a fans favourite and that's without hardly playing. He interacts with supporters via social media and takes time out of his schedule to answer questions, share banter and even troll opposition supporters. Which of course in the modern day is hugely appreciated by his fans. He has the potential to become a real cult hero if he can perform on the pitch. Or at least be given the opportunity to perform on the pitch.

There aren't too many naturally gifted goal scorers who can poach a goal and has an eye for a finish, but Batshuayi's current career history has proven that he very much is that. He possesses the ability to score goals. But unfortunately for him and maybe for us as supporters, he does not seem to be a 'Conte type of Striker', which is a huge shame. He'll most certainly be off in the summer.
Simon Phillips
Football Writer for the last 7 years, specialising in the English Premier League and covering a wide range of topics.

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