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Mourinho’s midfield solutions: who could he bring in?

Friday 17th November 2017

In light of so many players with contracts expiring next summer, it’s the perfect time to bring in some fresh players. It’s fair to say that right now, just one of these are first team starters at the moment and it’s somehow Ashley Young. The winger come-full back has transformed himself into an invaluable member of Jose’s squad. The former Watford and Aston Villa player doesn’t quite compete with Martial or Mkhitaryan in terms of electric pace or creativity but has the discipline and tactical awareness to stop opposing wingers from beating him on that left wing.

Players to come in

Leon Goretzka

Six years ago, United missed out on Schalke’s star man, Manuel Neuer. But this time could be different. The 22-year old is an all-action midfielder who was one of Germany’s standout performers at this year’s Confederation Cup. The Schalke star could be the long-term partner of Paul Pogba in the middle of the park and could be a steal as a free transfer.

His stats will only improve as he matures. His decision making will improve over time. This will see him turn into the player that Football Manager gamers (myself included) have loved buying since 2014. Additionally, he looks set to be Germany’s replacement for Bastian Schweinsteiger. He’s blessed with pace, power and at just 22 he has plenty of years to grow and develop. Additionally, standing at over 6 feet tall has an aerial presence which Jose Mourinho loves and this team has in abundance. It comes as no shock that Bayern Munich are snooping, as they seem to be the vacuum for all top German talent. Just ask Dortmund, Schalke and all other German clubs.

Pentus Wernbloom

He’s a player revered in Russia as fearless and good in the air and on the ground. At 6’2 and with the numbers he’s produced in previous years, he’d be an astute addition to the squad. Additionally, with his international retirement, he’ll be a constant in the United squad. At 31, he’ll be a great squad player and also offers a bit more crunch than Matic in the tackle. The Swede could be the perfect foil if Mourinho goes for three in the middle, or it could be some healthy competition. He is also adept in centre back role, which provides additional versatility. As a centre back, he could prove to be more astute and capable of adapting to the Premier League than compatriot Victor Lindelof has shown so far.

Because the Russian Premier League is considered one of the weaker leagues, you’d be ridiculed for thinking it’s a barometer for good talent. But in all fairness, for all the flops that have joined top clubs, there has been a Yuri Zhurkov, Martin Skrtel, or Anatoliy Tymoschuk. This might just be the anomaly of the current generation.

Alexis Sanchez

Whoever gets the Chilean this summer, will have made an excellent addition to their squad. Arsenal’s number 17 is an all-rounder, with a knack for goals and the vision to provide assists. His output of 24 goals and 10 assists last season in the league showed just how good he can be. Additionally, it showed just what he could do when fully fit. This season, however, has seen him show glimpses as opposed to a consistent period like what we saw on multiple occasions across last season.

Tyrone Chambers

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