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Win your way to FIFA 18 eSport glory

Sunday 5th November 2017

FIFA has been a competitive eSport since 2004, but it has grown immensely in the last few years. If you've ever wanted to go from playing your mates to earning mega money, he re is how you can compete against the pros in Fifa 18.

eSports has grown massively over the last decade and is an industry getting bigger by the year. FIFA is now one of the biggest eSports particularly in Europe, with a huge following, big sums of money to play for and an ever-growing number of players.

In the last week, full details of how to compete this year have been confirmed and the action gets underway this weekend, as all try to qualify for the FIFA eWorldCup.

Players can compete competitively on PS4 and Xbox One, but sadly is not yet available for PC gamers.

The mode used for competitive FIFA 18  once again is Ultimate Team or FUT for short. Players make their own teams with some of the best players in the world, as well as legends of the game. However, this does come at a price, with the majority of players investing real money into the game to afford the very elite virtual stars available.

Previous Competitions


Last year, qualification was very similar to this season. Online qualification led to big offline tournaments featuring the best players from around the world. Those who then did well in these tournaments earned their place in the world finals.

The FIWC  in August was shown live on Sky Sports, as well as being streamed around the globe on youtube.

Like many eSports the growth has been incredible over the last few years and has given many careers they could previously dream of. The star players all play for professional teams, with some of the giants of the footballing world sponsoring players such as PSG.

The dream came true for Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing a previous world champion who battled through to win the FIWC for 2017 and the winner's cheque of $200,000 dollars. Yes, for playing a video game.


So could you be the next champion?


Ultimately every week any player can log on to their console and compete in daily knockout tournaments for a place in the weekend league. Here competitors have the gruelling task of playing 40 games between Friday and Sunday to get the best record they can in terms of wins.  In the months that are used for qualifying events, the total number of wins across all the weekends are taken into consideration. For the time being November and February are being used as the qualifying months to progress to live events. In each month the top 64 players on both consoles qualify for these live events. Last year all events featured a PlayStation and Xbox side with the winners meeting in a two-leg final to decide the champion.

EA Sports have also announced other offline events, which will be used as qualifiers to the bigger events, but how players can enter these has yet to be confirmed.

For new players to the competitive scene it can all seem a bit daunting and from someone with experience of playing the FUT Weekend Leagues, every game is tough. Many players are able to get 40 wins out of 40 from weekends, making consistency the key.

However, if you believe yourself to be a good FIFA 18 player what is the harm?

This weekend marks the start of the November qualifying month, but don't worry if you aren't playing they will be plenty of opportunities in the year.

Time to get practising.


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