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Premier League
Will injury to key players derail Manchester City this season?
08:00 Wednesday 12th December 2018

When Manchester City went unbeaten until Match Day 22 last term, many wondered whether Pep Guardiola was about to replicate Arsene Wenger’s 2004 Invincibles. Liverpool put paid to that on Match Day 23 when the football world was treated…

Premier League
Is the cost acceptable when building from the back
09:00 Friday 14th September 2018

We've entered a new era in the beautiful game. Most teams now play with three or five in defence, changing how the game is played. The major annoyance is passing out from the back. Errors are harshly punished, begging the question…

Premier League
Manchester City's Squad Review: Who stays or goes in goal?
15:00 Thursday 31st May 2018

Pep Guardiola ushered in a glorious second season after failing to win any trophies in his first. The latter was a career first for Guardiola. But half a billion pounds should build a squad to one's liking. Manchester City were poised…

Premier League
Will Claudio Bravo leave Manchester City this summer?
08:30 Wednesday 18th April 2018

Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo has spent his second season at the Etihad Stadium as second-choice to Ederson. After a woeful campaign as the number one, that's hardly a surprise. He’s been used in the domestic cups this…

Premier League
Man City: Champions elect?
10:00 Saturday 31st March 2018

With eight games to go, City are 16 points beyond rivals Manchester United in the Premier League title race. When the gap was just 11, Pep Guardiola told a Mirror reporter he had not expected to run away from the pack so easily, that it was…

Ederson becoming indispensable to Manchester City
10:30 Wednesday 10th January 2018

Thirteen months ago Manchester City’s 2016-17 campaign began to take shape. Its season began on a strong note. Six wins in a row made the Sky Blues favourite to lift the Premier League trophy. However, winter brought along not…

Three goalkeepers Napoli should target before the transfer window closes
13:30 Tuesday 8th August 2017

There is no question that Napoli needs to improve their depth in the goalkeeper position. Pepe Reina is the clear starter, but the club needs another reliable starter in case the Spaniard goes down with an injury. With that in mind, here are…

What must Ederson Moraes do to be a success?
12:00 Tuesday 1st August 2017

Of all of the transfer that have gone through this summer, few will be scrutinised as closely as Manchester City's new goalkeeper Ederson Moraes.  Pep Guardiola's newest goalkeeping purchase raised some eyebrows earlier in the year as the Manchester…

Is it the same old story for Manchester City in goal?
17:00 Friday 21st July 2017

It is becoming far too common an occurrence for Manchester City. Their huge financial backing allows teams to sell to the English side at hugely inflated prices because they know City will invariably pay the amount they are asking for. It means…

Winners and losers from the 2017 Confederations Cup
16:15 Tuesday 4th July 2017

The Confederations Cup is over and Germany somehow managed to shut us all by strolling to the title. It was an interesting two weeks of non-stop football imbued with loads of excitement, innovations and heartbreak. There were some densely-packed…

How Manchester City's Ederson can avoid the mistakes made by Claudio Bravo
18:00 Saturday 10th June 2017

Cast your minds back to when Claudio Bravo first landed in England, he was perceived as the perfect bride for Manchester City. But one year after, their union turned out to be a left-handed one. Hence, what should latest arrival, Ederson, do…

Best and worst signings of the season
13:00 Saturday 27th May 2017

The Premier League season is over, sadly. The hollow wait for it to begin will be unbearable, but providing that steady stream of fascination will be the bizarre world of transfer rumours, which brings us nicely to a discussion on the best…

Claudio Bravo's injury could be a blessing for Pep Guardiola
11:00 Saturday 29th April 2017

Pep Guardiola's first season in the Premier League has not quite gone to plan for the Manchester City boss. From poor performances, bad decisions and even worse transfers, the former Bayern Munich manager needed a lift. He may just have gotten…

Why Pep Guardiola has failed at Manchester City this season.
15:33 Friday 28th April 2017

After another disappointing result in a big game, it's time for us to evaluate Pep Guardiola's first year in England. When the Spaniard first arrived at the Etihad, City fans wouldn't give the rest of us a word in edgeways. All we could hear…

Pep Guardiola forgets that goalkeepers need hands
17:00 Thursday 2nd March 2017

Joe Hart's future will be decided at the end of the season, according to Pep Guardiola, a man who has seemingly forgotten that goalkeepers need hands.