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Christian Eriksen: From London to Madrid via Manchester?
09:01 Friday 9th August 2019

The summer transfer window is now over. Once again, Manchester United was linked with names aplenty though only three deals were pushed over the line. Paulo Dybala was heavily rumoured to be swapped for Romelu Lukaku, but…

Premier League
How will Tottenham Hotspur spend their summer?
09:00 Wednesday 5th June 2019

As witnessed on Saturday night, not every fairy tale has a pleasant ending. Tottenham Hotspur learned that the hard way in Madrid. There was little drama in the Champions League final; no surprises, nothing unusual, no comebacks.…

Premier League
Tottenham's tested patience finally rewarded with new White Hart Lane
09:00 Wednesday 27th March 2019

The new White Hart Lane finally opened over the international break. Expect Tottenham to play their next home game at the freshly minted ground. Spurs anticipated opening the ground midway through the 2017/18 season, then to open this…

Premier League
Pochettino back to being worst Premier League manager ever
08:00 Wednesday 30th January 2019

When, not if Mauricio Pochettino wins his first trophy, be it with Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain or some hitherto unmooted third party, the theme struck across social media will be inevitability.…

Premier League
Equal Time: Why Tottenham didn't need to spend
15:00 Friday 10th August 2018

A false narrative drives football towards the season’s opening weekend. Clubs must spend to improve. Otherwise, they'll be left behind by clubs who do. The flaw in this reasoning is the assumption teams automatically improve…

Premier League
Equal Time: Why Tottenham will miss out the Champions League spots
12:00 Friday 10th August 2018

Daniel Levy’s frugal approach will come back to bite him where it hurts, in Tottenham’s pocket. Failure to bolster Mauricio Pochettino’s squad will condemn Spurs to missing out on the gilded Champions League. Whether…

Why Tottenham must hold onto Toby Alderweireld
17:00 Friday 3rd August 2018

There hasn't been much glee at Wembley. Instead of strengthening, Tottenham Hotspur is sweating to hold onto key players. Toby Alderweireld leads the allegedly disgruntled group. At whatever cost, Spurs must keep the Belgian.  All…

Mauricio Pochettino is a remarkable manager
09:00 Wednesday 25th October 2017

Since the start of the 2014/15 season, Tottenham Hotspur has  averaged a net spend of £20.5 million. And yet, in those seasons, they have finished fifth, second and second, and have the best points tally in the Premier League over the past…

Give that man a mug: Mauricio Pochettino belongs in World's Best Manager debate
09:30 Wednesday 18th October 2017

Mauricio Pochettino's name would have meant nothing to most Premier League viewers four years ago. Now, the Argentine tactician rates among the league's best. He has become one of the world's most sought-after managers. His rapid ascent can…

Tottenham 1-2 Chelsea: 5 talking points
09:00 Monday 21st August 2017

The Wembley hoodoo for temporary Premier League tenants persists. An entertaining, frenetic clash ended Tottenham 1-2 Chelsea. Victor Wanyama's woeful performance to Marcos Alonso's response regarding Antonio Conte's doubts, here are five talking…

Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur is Anthony Martial's perfect club
09:30 Monday 14th August 2017

Tottenham allegedly had a bid for Anthony Martial rejected. Nevertheless, the Manchester United youngster is ideal for Spurs. French journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi tweeted Tottenham Hotspur had awoken from its transfer slumber to table a bid for…

Danny Rose: The curious case of Tottenham Hotspur's left-back
19:00 Saturday 12th August 2017

Well, who saw that coming? Was it overdue? In all honesty, one of the Spurs players were bound to say something about the elephant in the room. Who really saw Danny Rose being the leak? He did apologise and his apology was accepted. But has…

Danny Rose might’ve started a revolution on Daniel Levy’s overly frugal leadership
17:12 Thursday 10th August 2017

If there's any club chairman who is known for being frugal to a fault, it's Tottenham's, Daniel Levy. In today's football world where mega-money makes things go round, Levy has refused to go with the tide and Danny Rose might just have started…

Spurs could pay a heavy price for their inactivity in the transfer market
15:00 Friday 28th July 2017

Mauricio Pochettino has built a strong and enviable team at Tottenham Hotspur, one that is full of players of the highest quality. With the calibre of options at Pochettino's disposal, he knows his team will be top challengers when the Premier…

Premier League
Daniel Levy, Mauricio Pochettino should offset Spurs fans' transfer panic
09:00 Friday 21st July 2017

Tottenham hasn't made a significant signing in the transfer window. No worries, Spurs fans. With Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino in charge, everything will be fine. Here are two questions with conflicting answers. First, which Premier League…