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Has Roberto Mancini struck gold in Azzurri midfield?
09:00 Friday 13th September 2019

When Roberto Mancini signed as Italy’s manager, the Azzurri were in dire straits. Fresh off a shocking failure to qualify for the World Cup, it wasn’t the job for the light-hearted. Since then, he’s executed exactly what…

Juventus must be patient with Champions League dreams
08:00 Wednesday 24th April 2019

While a celebratory mood echoed over the Juventus stadium on Saturday, the underlying dissatisfaction merely waited to emerge again. The Old Lady became Italian Champions for the eighth straight season, yet something didn’t feel…

Five heroes in Juventus' 3-0 victory against Barcelona
12:00 Wednesday 12th April 2017

It's going to be talked about for days. Juventus' 3-0 victory against Barcelona in Turin. This was nothing short of an emphatic victory for the Old Lady. Whether Barcelona can turn the tie around at the Camp Nou is a story for another day.…