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Premier League
David Luiz isn't as funny in person
09:01 Wednesday 18th September 2019

Brazilian defenders don't gain the legendary status of their attacking counterparts. "Remember the time Thiago Silva..." just doesn't come up in conversation like references to Pele, Ronaldo or Neymar. Defenders are…

Premier League
How does Unai Emery overturn the Rennes second leg?
08:00 Tuesday 12th March 2019

Arsenal put in a dire performance in their Europa League Round of 16 first leg against Stade Rennais. Losing 3-1 in France means they have work to do at the Emirates. It will be difficult, but the Ligue 1 side's leaky defence can be exploited.…

Premier League
The deadwood at Arsenal needs vanquishing
09:30 Tuesday 18th July 2017

Arsenal has quite a few players on their books who need to be given a new lease on life, preferably away from the Emirates. But who exactly needs to leave and where would they go? Think of Arsenal and the last five years and there are a few…

True Gooner Rant (Real Gooners will agree with the majority of this)
12:54 Friday 22nd July 2011

Arsene Wenger - yes he's played a big part in the change in English football over the last 10-15 years but his stubbornness over the last few years in the transfer market is really beginning to piss us 'True Gooners' off. Players that need…