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Why Real Madrid need to cut Karim Benzema loose
09:00 Sunday 14th October 2018

All eyes remain on Real Madrid to witness the after-effects of Cristiano Ronaldo's departure. Fans anticipated a marquee signing to fill their former talisman's boots. But perhaps what everyone ignored was the need to replace…

Tactical Analysis
How Mario Mandzukic Is thriving as Gonzalo Higuain's natural successor at Juventus
12:00 Wednesday 10th October 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo's signing represents a historic coup for Juventus. Acquiring the icon designated the Bianconeri as European heavyweights courtesy his Champions League bona fides. Such status previously eluded the Old Lady despite…

Critics should let Paulo Dybala progress in peace
12:00 Wednesday 14th February 2018

Consistency is always the bridge between a top-quality player and one that can be described as world-class. The ability to showcase brilliance when it matters most, when the pressure is on with the game on the line; that's crucial…

Will we see a Juventus star in the Premier League next season?
16:00 Wednesday 1st March 2017

Higuain, Dani Alves, Juan Cuadrado, Claudio Marchisio, Leonardo Bonucci are a few of Juventus' top players to date. With the exception of Cuadrado, it's a surprise that not many of the Italian side have graced the most expensive league in the…

Same old story for Wenger and Arsenal as the Gunners miss out on Higuain.
17:23 Thursday 28th July 2016

Argentina forward Gonzalo Higuain became the third most expensive player in football history this week as Juventus paid Serie A rivals Napoli the small sum of £75.3m to bring Higuain's services to their already stellar, successive Scudetto…