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Is Mo Salah hogging up all the class or isn't there enough to go around?
17:00 Sunday 9th December 2018

We like to romanticise sport. It's reassuring to believe football and other games bring out the best in mankind. Let's face it, though. It's been more than a decade since Mick Foley retired from professional wrestling and Mr Socko…

Morris the pity
16:00 Friday 2nd March 2018

With the news Seattle Sounders have shelved young star Jordan Morris for 2018 following a cruciate ligament injury, it seems MLS will not have its own Wayne Rooney. A Jack Wilshere is more like it. Sounders were in El Salvador last week for…

Jordan Morris: Star among Stripes
15:30 Sunday 30th July 2017

Jordan Morris added to his early celebrity with the goal that saw the USA lift the Gold Cup last week. What does the future hold for the Seattle forward? A native of Seattle, Washington, Morris began his career in the Sounders youth setup.…