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Is Cesc Fàbregas an Arsenal legend?
11:00 Saturday 4th February 2017

Before you respond hastily, just give me 5 minutes to explain myself. Legend is a term used loosely in modern football today, many have been called it but only a few have earned it. We're here today to discuss whether Francesc Fàbregas Soler…

Francesco Totti – A legend of the game
13:30 Tuesday 17th January 2017

News that saddened a footballing world circled in the Media last week, Francesco Totti is going to retire at the end of this season. The Roma legend is now 40 and has been with The Eternal Club for most of his life, 25 years, and has now decided…

The Returning Legend - A Sign Of Desperation?
00:48 Thursday 12th January 2012

The returns of Thierry Henry and Paul Scholes to the Premier League is without a doubt the biggest story of the transfer window so far. Both players are held in high regards by the supporters of Arsenal and Manchester United respectively, but…

Fitting Tribute To The 'Gentleman of Football'
14:16 Thursday 4th August 2011

It was one of those tears in the eyes moments, one of those cherished and rare moments when time seems to freeze to look on in awe. It was a moment that justified just how much of a legendary status Ritchie Humpheys has richly earned in his…