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How will Rangers spend their summer?
12:00 Friday 14th June 2019

Throughout Scottish football history, the domestic scene has largely been dominated by Glasgow sides Rangers and Celtic. For years, the pair would take turns in winning the division while every other side just watched on in awe... That…

Will Fabinho, Lucas Moura snubs come back to haunt Tite, Brazil?
08:00 Tuesday 11th June 2019

Copa America, CONMEBOL’s international football tournament, returns for its 46th edition in a matter of days, with South American giants Brazil hosting for the first time in thirty years. The home nation head into…

J League
Fernando Torres: World Cup winner to Japanese benchwarmer
15:00 Thursday 30th May 2019

Fernando Torres recollects the glory days in a Spanish national shirt, winning the World Cup as well as two European Championships with the national team. The J.League should be an extension and rejuvenation process for the striker who has…

Premier League
Premier League preview: Liverpool were just warming up last season
08:00 Wednesday 8th August 2018

Despite finishing fourth for a second consecutive year, Liverpool must consider last season a disappointment. It certainly ended with heartbreak in the Champions League final. Behind Manchester City, Liverpool were arguably the second…

J League
Lap of Honour: Okubo returns to Kawasaki
11:00 Monday 22nd January 2018

Going back to your old club. It's seldom done. Times change. People change. Too often when you decide to go home the old neighbourhood is changed beyond recognition. You moved on without it but never expected it to do the same. It can be…

Premier League
Dr. Oxlade and Mr. Chamberlain
14:00 Sunday 3rd September 2017

Arsenal has sold Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. What a poor decision. No, wait. It's great! He wasn't even in the first choice team. Or was he? Our only exposure to the player is inconsistent runs where he either took our breath away or left us wanting…

What do Liverpool fans really think of the club?
18:00 Thursday 10th August 2017

Liverpool fans. You're never far away from one. They never seem to walk alone and pop up all across the world. If they put a series of wins together, Twitter goes mad as the hype train hits the track again. Yet what do they really think ahead…

Liverpool’s inability to beat Swansea at home verifies they aren’t ready for the title.
13:30 Monday 23rd January 2017

The Liverpool fans have been very vocal in their confidence this season, believing this season held fruit for them. Although a shock loss to relegation-threatened Swansea City has left the club's ambitions for the season in real flux.

Premier League
Arsenal vs. Liverpool – Super Sunday preview
13:30 Thursday 11th August 2016

The new season is a few days away now and there's a fixture on everybody's lips. The Super Sunday offering featuring two the most decorated and followed clubs in the world. Live from the Emirates, Arsenal and Liverpool open their Premier League…

Mario Balotelli - Liverpool's Maverick Scapegoat
16:08 Monday 13th April 2015

Our resident Italian football expert Harry De Cosemo takes a look at the flawed genius that is Mario Balotelli

England National Team
Injuries, under-performing Germans and tired teenagers: the winter break debate.
12:04 Tuesday 21st October 2014

Declan Fisher takes a look at the effects that the English football season could be having on players Roy Hodgson's openness about Raheem Sterlings' omission from the England starting line-up in Talinn last weekend probably wasn't expected…

Liverpool 2-2 Manchester City (Liverpool Fan's Perspective)
14:11 Thursday 26th January 2012

After the huge disappointment of the defeat to lowly Bolton Wanderers on Saturday evening, most people would be forgiven for thinking that the last thing Liverpool needed was a midweek clash against the best team in the country. On the contrary,…

Exeter's Big Day
02:23 Wednesday 24th August 2011

As Exeter City prepare for one of the biggest games in their recent history, they will be delighted to see three premiership clubs have already been dispatched from this years Carling Cup, and the fan owned Devon club will be looking to add…