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Womens Football
Inclusive stops here: France 19 knockout rounds
08:01 Saturday 22nd June 2019

The Women’s World Cup is through fooling around. The group stages are complete; the knockout rounds begin today. So far, the tournament’s only controversy has been the one with which everyone is still trying to come to grips. VAR…

Womens Football
Can the Matildas waltz out of France with the World Cup?
08:00 Friday 7th June 2019

If you liked Roald Dahl as a child or were fond of the WWE's British Bull Dog and the mascot who accompanied him to the ring, you may be confused. We're talking about the Australian national women's team here. These Matildas are…

Football League Player Watch
Matildas no waltz for US, for women's football, music to the ears
12:00 Monday 31st July 2017

The USWNT has been gracious in its global dominance. Nevertheless, its powerful grip on women's football slipped slightly with a first defeat to Australia. That's a good thing. Have you ever sung along for years to a favourite tune only to…