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Managerial News
Managing expectations
18:00 Thursday 22nd March 2018

Alan Pardew looks like the cool uncle who used to slip you alcohol and let you have drags of his cigarettes at family parties.  He looks like the kind of guy who would go into the lingerie section in Selfridges in December and buy two…

Premier League
If Wenger Does Go, I Want Pardew for Arsenal
09:30 Monday 3rd April 2017

It's highly unlikely anything will happen between now and season's end. Moreover, I don't want Arsène Wenger to leave. But should Stan Kroenke and upper management feel Arsène's time is up, I think they should appoint Alan Pardew for Arsenal…

Match Report: Newcastle United 3-0 Stoke City (Newcastle Fan's Perspective)
21:09 Sunday 22nd April 2012

I seem to have a standard opening to every single post I write, which usually consists of a comment about the dreamland my team is currently in, a remark about the players we somehow have been able to aquire and finally I'll probably say that…

Match Report: Newcastle United 2-0 Bolton Wanderers (Newcastle fan's perspective)
23:12 Tuesday 10th April 2012

Crazy times for all Toon fans, I found myself cheering on Fulham last night as they took on Chelsea, when a year ago it may have been the other way around. Of course, it is a joy to behold as I've never really liked Chelsea anyway, but supporting…

Match Report: Swansea City 0-2 Newcastle United (Newcastle fan's perspective)
21:38 Saturday 7th April 2012

It's rather strange watching Newcastle right now, because when you've become accustomed to an underachieving side who are prone to mistakes, it comes as a surprise when you get a season in which said team becomes a real force in such a short…

Match Report: West Bromwich Albion 1-3 Newcastle United (Newcastle fan's perspective)
10:26 Tuesday 27th March 2012

So, another week gone, another win added to the tally, was it that simple? Well, for once you could say yes, it probably was. It certainly looks like it's a great time to be a Newcastle fan, let's hope it can continue!Newcastle headed to the…

Newcastle United 1-1 Sunderland (Newcastle Fan's Perspective)
09:09 Tuesday 6th March 2012

The definition of a derby game is a full blooded, passionate affair between a couple of local rivals, yes? Well, the 134th Tyne-Wear derby was no different, with no less than 9 yellow cards, two reds and plenty more tasty action to talk about…

Match Report: Newcastle United 2-2 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Newcastle Fan's Perspective)
23:28 Sunday 26th February 2012

Before the kick off of yesterday's game at the so called "Sports Direct Arena", everybody was saying it was a certainty that Newcastle United would be walking away with all three points from the game against Wolves come ten to five yesterday…

My Beloved Saints - My memories as a Saints supporter, 2001 onwards. (Part 3, 2009-)
20:17 Sunday 4th September 2011

For weeks there were rumours flying around everywhere about who was going to buy the club, if anyone. One of the front runners was the group 'Pinnacle' that if took over would see Matthew Le Tissier return to the club as chairman. One of the…