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17:00 Sunday 10th June 2018

Who’d be a referee, eh?  That’s what we say when a referee is being vilified in the press, verbally assaulted by a player, smeared by a manager or physically attacked during a Sunday League fixture in London. Who in…

All the technology in the world will still not be enough for officials
16:00 Sunday 25th February 2018

Juan Mata stood with a perplexed face when his goal was ruled out at the John Smith’s stadium courtesy of the VAR. Replays showed that the Spaniard’s knee was marginally offside, yet officials were badly criticised by many for awarding…

Premier League
The golden solution to refereeing woes?
08:30 Thursday 4th January 2018

Everyone has seen the minute-long video of perennial lime-light stealer Mike Dean. Flamboyance saturates. Arrogance suffuses. There is even a point where he appears to celebrate a goal. In truth, his self-regard is such he is…

The modern football captain's role
13:30 Monday 17th July 2017

With some very high profile Premier League captains departing their current clubs this summer, new club and team captains will be selected to lead their squad out on Matchday. However, what exactly is the role of the captain these days? Do…

The Weird And The Wonderful
Football advances we desperately need
13:30 Wednesday 24th May 2017

Having covered some footballing advances that completely failed; it seemed a good idea to look at the technology the beautiful game could do with researching, funding and implementing ASAP. Granted, some of these may be rather fanciful but…

Why Lionel Messi's suspension is groundbreaking
20:15 Tuesday 28th March 2017

Lionel Messi has been suspended for four games due to saying 'insulting words' to an official. Here is why the punishment could be groundbreaking.

Refereeing in the Premier League, has it hit rock bottom?
13:10 Wednesday 8th March 2017

We never seem to go through a Premier League weekend without a dubious refereeing decision or a missed incident from one of the officials. This leaves pundits and fans alike scratching their heads or worse, furious with rage. Last weekend proved…

Referee Watch: The refs football regrets losing
11:00 Sunday 19th February 2017

With Mark Clattenburg set to leave the Premier League for a lucrative career in Saudi Arabia; English football is losing it's number one FIFA recognised official. Losing referees doesn't sound like a bad thing but, when you consider who's no…

Fashion laws in football explained
17:00 Wednesday 8th February 2017

Football has some strange fashion laws which seemingly have nothing to do with actually playing the game. Whilst these rules are largely adhered to in the Premier League, lower league clubs and players are regularly in trouble with officials…

Are we right to hound referees?
18:00 Tuesday 24th January 2017

The quality of refereeing in England's top leagues was again brought into question this weekend with a number of high profile incidents and decisions. Pundits on Match Of The Day, Sky Sports and even Howard Webb on BT Sport joined in on the…

A numerical defence of British refs
12:27 Tuesday 24th January 2017

Premier League referees have come under an increasing amount of scrutiny this season, with myriad examples of their supposed inadequacies circulating the media. Mike Dean has been the highest profile to be targetted by this new wave of attacks…

Is the Offside Rule Still Relevant?
15:00 Saturday 14th January 2017

Henrikh Mkhitaryan won December's Goal of the Month award for his audacious Scorpion Kick against Sunderland despite the Armenian clearly being offside. The officials completely missed the decision and, naturally, the goal stands, but it leads…

Premier League
Mike Dean is the embodiment of how bad refereeing in the Premier League is today
15:30 Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Last night we witnessed a modern day travesty, we saw first-hand what happens when an individual allows the power to get to their head. Mike Dean, notoriously known as one of the most bias officials in the country, single-handedly changed the…

The conflicted rule that puts match officials between a rock and a hard place
09:45 Monday 12th December 2016

Manchester United ended their four-game drawing streak in league matches at Old Trafford on Sunday. In defeating Spurs 1-0, they also refrained from adding to their league-leading total (seven) for points dropped in the final ten minutes. United…

Premier League
Will Refereeing Errors Become A Thing Of The Past?
08:30 Wednesday 9th March 2016

Who would choose to be a referee, you get abuse, scrutinised and constantly questioned about every decision you make. But could that all be about to change with the introduction of further technology? On Sunday, Germany Ladies knocked England…