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Video Games
FIFA 2020: Street is back but will it revive the series?
17:00 Friday 21st June 2019

It's that time of year when the hype is at its peak in the gaming world. EA Sports has a trump card for its biggest title. FIFA Street is back in the game. Can it help turn the series' fortunes around after a rough couple…

FIFA 18: Squad Battles the mode in high demand
11:00 Monday 16th October 2017

FIFA 18 has a new feature this season, which offers a different way to play Ultimate Team. The recent addition of Squad Battles is taking gamers by storm. Ultimate TeamFor many years FIFA Ultimate Team has been the most popular mode. It's also…

Why the FIFA games do not satisfy a football fan
13:15 Tuesday 2nd May 2017

EA's Goliath FIFA football gaming franchise has been the staple of home consoles since the mid-1990's and, in essence, the formula has never changed. Essentially, it's a footballing simulator for people to play when the real thing doesn't quite…

Ultimate Team, or Ultimate Procrastination
11:15 Wednesday 8th February 2017

The FIFA video game franchise is hugely popular these days; with a lot of its players favouring the relatively new mode – Ultimate Team. Is this mode actually worth the amount of time spent on it? For those of you who aren't au fait with the…