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Are Gregg Berhalter, USMNT in for rude awakening at Gold Cup?
17:00 Wednesday 12th June 2019

It’s startling to consider that the same federation oversees both the United States men’s and women’s football teams. The latter is run efficiently with a coherent vision and plan. The results are self-evident. The USWNT are…

Pulisic not the key to USMNT success for new boss Berhalter
17:00 Monday 17th December 2018

It was my birthday yesterday [thank you] and Christmas is just around the corner. As a Manchester United fan who is at least half-American, however, the past few years brought a new appreciation for that old Rolling Stones ditty, You Can't…

7 better choices than Gregg Berhalter for USMNT manager
17:00 Thursday 15th November 2018

It's coming up on 400 days since Bruce Arena resigned as the United States Men's National Team manager. U21 boss Dave Sarachan minds the store in the interim. This international break features field trips to Wembley for Wayne Rooney's…

Will the USSF fool us again?
17:00 Sunday 30th September 2018

The Who released ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again on their 1971 album Who’s Next? It's a cynical summation of the era's civil rights and anti-war movements. People who lived through it often look back with pride, thinking change…

How Paul Pogba proves the United States can win the World Cup
17:00 Friday 28th September 2018

People like to believe athleticism transcends individual sports. It’s not untrue. Athletes on both sides of the Atlantic have excelled at more than one sport. Ron Tindall played football for Chelsea, West Ham, Reading and Portsmouth from…

World Cup
US, Canada, Mexico World Cup is a dead end for CONCACAF
17:00 Sunday 17th June 2018

Full disclosure: I hold citizenship in two of the three countries [sorry, Mexico] that have won the partnered bid to host the 2026 World Cup. From a patriotic standpoint, I should be at least 67% happy with the news. Yeah, about that. Obviously,…

USSF election set for today
09:00 Saturday 10th February 2018

Tottenham v Arsenal at Wembley kicks off a busy Premier League Saturday. Bayern welcomes Schalke and Madrid Sociedad in a Real clash just after tea. Between those contests one of national import for football in the United States will begin.…

World Cup
The boy who cried FIFA
08:00 Wednesday 20th December 2017

The holiday season is a slow news cycle for football. Most leagues take time off, leaving nothing to talk about until mid-January. English competitions cram fixtures around Christmas and New Years because they don’t believe absence makes…

USSF taking its time to regroup
17:00 Monday 18th December 2017

The one good thing about failing to qualify for a World Cup is you have four years to sort matters out, then get it right. In club football, there are only a few weeks to assess and adjust before a new campaign is upon you. It’s not much…

Is American soccer doomed or is it all Chicken Little?
15:30 Saturday 14th October 2017

After a disastrous qualifying campaign ended in failure, professional and social media are going all Chicken Little on the American game. If you're American, you were probably more concerned about Donald Trump sticking the executive knife in…

Rest Of The World
Canadian Premier League faces challenge to shine in MLS' shadow
15:00 Sunday 4th June 2017

Establishing a Canadian Premier League is an ambitious piece of nationalism from the Great White North. Unfortunately, sporting history on both sides of the Atlantic suggests it might be a dangerous exercise in vanity. Canada forcibly affirmed…

USSF Curbs Players' Right To Free Speech
15:00 Sunday 12th March 2017

American life is filled with political irony and hypocrisy. People electing an opportunistic billionaire who has routinely failed to pay contractors, entered into multiple bankruptcies, hired foreign workers, and swindled retirees because they want…

Sunil Gulati, Captain of the USSF Black Pearl
13:00 Wednesday 11th January 2017

  Just to be certain, I did a quick search on IMDb. USSF President Sunil Gulati did not have a role in Pirates of the Caribbean. At least not an accredited one. It's possible he was an overlooked extra dressed as a pirate in one scene or another.…

England National Team
England and the United States: Out of tune partners in the World Cup waltz
18:05 Thursday 17th November 2016

It's said everything in life is cyclical, including football. One team peaks as another reaches its nadir, even when the two trends don't appear linked. It's as though the football gods are in fact, rich housewives uncertain where they want…

Thoughts on 48 from the Lower 48
12:53 Tuesday 18th October 2016

New FIFA boss Gianni Infantino was unwilling to go so far as to officially confirm a North American country  or countries, would host the 2026 World Cup during a press briefing late last week, but did announce any interested European and Asian…